Nest - (stelt voor) grenzlooz

Michael Hofmann on Alfred Döblin’s brilliantly styled Berlin; the Jewishness of Muriel Spark; how to raise a child; Cecil Day-Lewis’s sympathetic prose; Ursula K. Le Guin on being a science fiction professional; the first smartphone uprising; where Charlotte Brontë and Jane Eyre meet – and much more

So for the last 12 years, my life was dedicated to my dog. He was and is Numero Uno. Since my divorce, some 9 years ago, I take care of him all by myself. This limits my freedom quite a bit but I know that I limit my freedom for his wellbeing, I don’t want him to feel left alone when I have to go away. He loves to be in his bench while I drive to and fro our two houses. As long as we can be together it’s . with him and also with me. I came to understand why so many people risk their lives to save their dogs from drowning each year. The love between man and dog is stronger than between most people.
I hope we can be together for some more years and enjoy each other’s company, each other’s snoring at night, each other’s love and care.

Nest - (Stelt Voor) GrenzloozNest - (Stelt Voor) GrenzloozNest - (Stelt Voor) GrenzloozNest - (Stelt Voor) Grenzlooz