Joe south - a look inside

Joe South returned to writing every song on a record for his next album, A Look Inside , which also happened to be his last LP for Capitol. South wrote and recorded A Look Inside in the aftermath of the suicide of his younger brother, and there’s a palpable sense of sadness lurking underneath South ’s signature roots pop, particularly at the beginning of the album, which opens with a set of slow, sorrowful blues. As the record rolls on, things get a little sprightlier -- “Misunderstanding” possesses a swagger, “Misfit” is a defiant statement of purpose, “All Nite Lover, All Day Friend” blares its blues with horns -- but to dig out South ’s depression does require some close listening. Otherwise, this record is a fitting companion to its predecessor, charming in its period affectations and South ’s rootsy idiosyncracies.

Joe South - A Look InsideJoe South - A Look InsideJoe South - A Look InsideJoe South - A Look Inside